Bot Actions and Overrides

What are and how does the Bot Action and Overrides work?

Bot Actions

Bot Actions automatically optimize your home's energy costs. The Bot analyzes your energy usage, identifies the most cost-effective hours to purchase energy daily, and determines the best times to use the purchased energy based on your consumption. This helps optimize your energy bill.

These Bot Actions have different colors for each 'mode', here are the descriptions of the Bot Action colors:

Yellow: Pause, the battery will not charge and neither discharge

Green: Buy, the battery will buy electricity from the grid

Red: Sell, the battery will discharge energy to the grid

Blue: Self sustainable, will use the energy in the battery and charge it from your solar cells if the sun is shining

Bot Overrides

Bot Overrides allow you to customize the Bot's actions. If you feel the Bot has chosen unusual hours for its actions, you can set your own preferred energy modes for specific hours.

You can also override 'Non-Bot' hours, such as the 'Blue hours' that are 'Self Sustainable'. For instance, if energy prices spike by 700% at 6 PM, you can charge the battery in the preceding hours and set a 'Sell' mode at 6 PM, and the system will handle everything automatically.

The Bot Overrides have a different colors than Bot Actions to be able to differ between them:

Dark Green: Override Buy mode

Purple: Override Sell mode

Beige: Override Self Sustainable mode

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